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  • How do I hook up solar panels?
            Connect the solar charge controller directly to our power and ground bus bars. The solar charge will go into your aux battery first to replace the power used by your accessories. As long as the panel is big enough to keep up with the demand and charge up the battery, our smart isolator will link them together and the charge will flow to the cranking battery.
  • How do I connect a trickle charger to keep both batteries charged? 
            Connect a charger to your factory positive wire on the cranking battery and the factory negative wire on the aux battery. The trickle charger will work just like your alternator - charging the cranking battery first for a couple of minutes, then the smart isolator links the batteries together to charge the aux battery as well.
  • My isolator is HOT!
            It is perfectly normal for your isolator to get hot. It can get up to 140 degrees, even with the engine turned off, which is way too hot to touch with your hand, but not nearly hot enough to hurt anything around it. This is a normal characteristic of any electromechanical solenoid device.
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