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Just a quick announcement about our new dual battery tray revisions. Our tray for the JL / JT, Toyota 4Runner, and Tundra is now compatible with all brands of batteries in the Group 25 size, rather than just the Odyssey batteries.

Odyssey has recently discontinued their Group 25 Extreme series battery. They do have plans to replace it with a brand new Group 25 Performance series battery which was originally planned to be ready at the same time the Extreme series went out of production, but it sounds like the rona has been screwing up their plans. As of today, 9/8/20, we do not know when that new Performance series battery will be available, but we do know the exterior dimensions will be identical to the Extreme series battery.

Around the same time that we heard the Odyssey Extreme Series Group 25 was to be discontinued, we had a customer report to us that he was trying to install the Full River brand of batteries into his JL kit and they did not fit. Coincidentally, I had just ordered some Full River batteries for testing because I had heard good things about them and wanted to try them. So I dropped my new ones into our tray, and sure enough, they didn't fit! I realized the Odyssey batteries are tapered on the sides - they are smaller at the bottom and wider at the top. Our tray was designed to hug the shape of the Odyssey battery. I hadn't noticed that other brands of batteries were the same width from top to bottom. This was a bit of a head-smack moment! I should have checked the exact measurements of other brands when the trays were originally designed.

So, with the Odyssey Extreme 25 going away, and with other battery brands not fitting, we needed a solution fast! Fortunately there was still enough room in the engine bay to redesign the tray with straight sides top to bottom, rather than flaring out wider at the top. I got that change made and into production and it has been shipping since 9/1/20. This same change was also made to our tray for the Toyota 4Runner and Tundra.

For our customers who purchased a dual battery kit BEFORE October 1, 2020 and would like to have the new tray design to be able to use other brands of batteries besides Odyssey at some point in the future, we are offering a significant discount on the new tray. The tray itself normally sells for $199, but current kit owners can upgrade to the new tray for $129. Please note this offer is ONLY available to our current dual battery tray customers who purchased prior to October 1, 2020.

We are now offering the Full River brand of batteries through our website. They are another excellent quality deep cycle AGM battery with very close to the same technical specs as the Odyssey Extreme line. We have heard nothing but good things about these batteries from our customers, dealers, and distributors. You can see more details on their battery that fits the JL / JT (part number FT750-25) at this link - https://www.genesisoffroad.com/fullriver-group-25

The Odyssey Extreme Series Group 34 (part number 34-PC1500) which is used in our '07-18 Jeep JK, '16+ Toyota Tacoma, and our universal kits are still available and those are NOT being discontinued. We will also offer the Full River Group 34 size (part number FT825-34) for those vehicles as well.

You can see all our battery options here - https://www.genesisoffroad.com/batteries

Our kits for the JL / JT, 4Runner, and Tundra are all in stock now for fast shipping!

Please let us know if you have any questions!



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