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JK Dual Battery Kit
Genesis Offroad Jeep JK Dual Battery Kit

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Our Price: $479.00

Special Instructions: Batteries sold separately. Matching Group 34 batteries are required.

Availability:: In stock, ships within 24 hours
Product Code: 131-JKDBK

Select your year model*:
2007-11 [Add $10.00]

Smart Isolator Options*:
Standard 85 amp isolator
200 amp isolator upgrade [Add $40.00]

G Screen Monitoring System:
No G Screen at this time
Add a G Screen [Add $269.00]

Add a Cranking Battery:
None selected, or I will get batteries locally
Odyssey PC1500 [Add $295.99]

Add an Accessory Battery:
None selected, or I will get batteries locally
Odyssey PC1500 [Add $295.99]

Add 10 Ring Terminals:
No ring terminals needed
Add 10-pack of ring terminals [Add $7.95]

Description Video and Media FAQ

  • Completely pre-wired out of the box
  • Fits 3.8L, 3.6L, Hemi 5.7L & 6.4L, LS, and European diesel engines
  • Boost switch included - jump start your vehicle off your second battery
  • Power & Ground bus bars make it easy to connect accessories
  • Smart Isolator automatically handles all charging functions
  • Interface port for the G Screen monitoring system
  • Integrated fuse box holder and evap solenoid holder
  • Best quality wires, tin-plated copper connectors, and sealed heat shrink tubing
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Proudly made in the USA

The top cover plate has several innovative features in a simple package. All of the wiring has already been done for you, and the smart isolator comes pre-installed. The welded gussets on top have holes with grommets to route the wires directly to the correct battery post, so there's no guess work involved to make the connections. Use the extra grommets for routing your own accessory wires cleanly and neatly to the power and ground bus bars. High quality battery terminal connectors are crimped to the flexible 2 gauge wire connecting the batteries together. With all the wiring integrated into the top plate, servicing your batteries has never been easier. Simply pull the terminals off the battery posts, remove the 4 easily accessible bolts securing the lid, and all the wiring can be lifted up and out of the way to service your batteries when necessary.

The included smart isolator gives you automatic control of all the charging functions with no interaction required.

Here's how it works.

  • When both your batteries are fully charged at 13.2 volts, they are automatically connected and are charged at the same time.
  • When you park and turn off the engine, but continue to use accessories such as lights or the stereo or a CB, both batteries begin to drain down.
  • When your main cranking battery reaches 12.7 volts, the smart isolator separates the batteries, so that your cranking battery will have enough power to start the engine. The second battery continues to power your accessories for as long as it will last.
  • After you crank the vehicle, your main cranking battery will be charged up to 13.2 volts first, and then the isolator will begin charging your accessory battery. By only charging one battery at a time, your alternator is protected from excessive strain.

What if your cranking battery is somehow drained down too low to be able to start the vehicle? We have a solution for that.

  • Press the Start Boost button and the isolator will connect both batteries together for 1 minute, acting like built-in jumper cables to jump start your engine off your accessory battery.
  • As long as the accessory battery has enough power, you'll be able to start your vehicle instead of being stranded with a dead battery!
  • The alternator will charge both batteries for 1 minute, then switches back over to automatic mode to reduce the strain on your alternator.

Also includes high amp power AND ground bus bars. The bus bars are already pre-wired to the accessory battery. Now you can quickly and easily connect your winch, lights, amplifiers, and lots more while keeping the wiring neat and orderly. Your winch or other high-amp accessories go onto the large center post on the bus bars, and all your other accessories go directly to the smaller screw terminals on the bus bars.

2007-2011 model years require a short extention cable for the evap solenoid. The extension is made with OEM connectors and wires to ensure a perfect watertight fit for easy installation. This piece is not required on 2012+ JKs. Be sure to specify your year model when ordering.

Battery Options:
  • Any Group 34 size battery will fit our tray (Note the 34R is not compatible - the posts are reversed and will not line up with the wires)
  • For your convenience, we offer the Odyssey 34-PC1500T, an excellent battery that has the most cranking amps and reserve capacity of any brand
  • NOTE: Batteries ordered through Genesis Offroad will ship separately from an Odyssey warehouse in California.
  • Optima Red Top is a good engine starting battery, but not recommended or warranted for use in deep cycle applications. 800 CCA, 50 Ah capacity, 100 minute reserve time
  • Optima Yellow Top is a good high power, dual purpose engine start and deep cycle battery. 750 CCA, 55 Ah capacity, 120 minute reserve time
  • Odyssey 34-PC1500T is for those who need the most capacity possible! 850 CCA, 68 Ah, and 135 reserve time
  • The original factory battery will not fit due to its larger size
  • Both batteries must be the same physical size for the top lid to securely hold them in place

Isolator Option:
Technically speaking, the isolator rating should match the alternator output rating. In real world application, the actual output of the alternator is much lower than the published rating, so the 85 amp isolator is plenty sufficient for most Jeep owners. Some Jeep owners like to do everything overkill just for peace of mind, so there's no downside to going with the upgraded version.
  • Standard 85 amp - suitable for most general purpose uses, including Jeeps with a winch, lights, CB, etc.
  • Upgraded 200 amp - highly recommended for Jeeps with multiple high amp draw accessories such as big stereo systems or lots of electrical components. Required if using an aftermarket high output alternator.

Optional G Screen Monitoring System
Need to keep a closer eye on your batteries? Check out our dual battery monitoring system - the G Screen.
  • Voltage levels for each battery
  • Remote status indicator
  • Background color changes based on battery status
  • Remote boost button
  • Completely pre-wired for you!
  • Multiple mounting options (A pillar, dash, or in an sPod over the rear view mirror)
  • Order with your battery kit to combine shipping

Already know you want one? Simply add it from the options above, or see more details on the G Screen product page first.

Optional ring terminals

Are you planning on connecting some accessories to the power & ground bus bars? We offer this convenient 10-pack of high quality, adhesive-lined heat shrink ring terminals. These are much better quality than the cheap ring terminals at the auto parts stores. Used with 16-14ga wire - the most common size for low amperage accessories like LED lights, CB, etc. Add a pack to your order from the options above.

Featured Media:

Detailed Installation Instructions
Motorhead Garage tv features Genesis Offroad
Genesis Offroad at Overland Expo East 2014 - Dual battery kit and G Screen Overview
Genesis Offroad JK Dual Battery Kit Overview
Fitment Info
  • Fits all Jeep JKs, 2007 - present Note 07-11 models require an extension cable for relocating the evap solenoid
    Engine compatability:
    • 07-11 3.8L
    • 12-17 3.6L
    • European diesel engines (left hand drive only)
    • Hemi engines - 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L
    • LS engines including the new LS3
    Power add-on compatibility
    • RIPP Supercharger
    • Prodigy Performance Turbo
    • Magnuson Supercharger
    • Sprintex Supercharger
    Snorkel compatibility:
    • AEV
    • Rugged Ridge
    • Volant
    • ARB
    • Not compatible with the River Raider cowl snorkel
    Works with aftermarket air intake systems that use the factory air box space.

G Screen Monitoring System
Our Price: $269.00

G Screen Monitoring System

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Fantastic! December 3, 2017
Reviewer: Mike L from INDIANAPOLIS, IN United States  
I purchased a complete Genesis dual battery kit, including the g-screen monitor for my 2015 JKU Rubicon fitted with a Rugged Ridge snorkel and was beyond impressed. Everything about the kit says "quality" - the design of the unit is genius, the build quality of the components is superior, and customer service was quick and responsive. Shane's installation video on Youtube made the install a great project that even a someone like me without a ton of mechanical experience can tackle solo with a little patience.
Installing the G-screen was also pretty straight forward, and the screen mounted cleanly in a Rugged Ridge A-pillar switch pod. All the switch slots were occupied on my switch pod, but I was still able to install the screen just above the top switch. There is just enough room between the upper bracket of the pod to fit the screen with just a little creative use of a Dremel.  
I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering a dual battery set up.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
The best! November 21, 2017
Reviewer: Dan Tierman  
Just wanted to let you guys know how awesome the dual battery kit for my JK is. After installing many other products in my Jeep this by far is one of the best thought out on the market. The install couldn't have gone any smoother or easier.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Awesome Product Made in USA September 2, 2017
Reviewer: Marc MacLean from Calgary, AB Canada  
Installed my kit this afternoon. With 2 of us and the install video it took 2.5 hrs without a hitch. Thnx a bunch Genesis. Will be proud to put a Genesis Offroad sticker on my Jeep.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
WOW. August 31, 2017
Reviewer: Kevin Belusa from Etobicoke, ON Canada  
I know literally nothing about electrical wiring and was very nervous to do it an electrical install after reading about all the nightmares other have had with home made solutions. Not only was Shane super helpful in making my initial purchase decision, answering what I’m sure were silly questions, not only was this kit fast (went in in 3 hours), not only were the instructions super clear (I never had one question during the installation), everything fit (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) and most importantly it got done without me catching fire! Thanks Shane!

But then something crazy happened. I had a question on how to wire my spod. I sent an email at 11:30 PM on a Wednesday  to the Genesis website expecting the typical no answer. I had a reply from Shane by 11:40. I couldn’t believe it…… And then he sent me pics the next day.

I cannot recommend this kit enough and this company. If you have the need like I did, don’t second guess it. Buy it!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Fantastic addition for the Jeep May 13, 2017
Reviewer: Doug from Freehold, NJ United States  
Thanks Genesis offroad for designing this addition to the Jeep. Quality made right here in the USA and a customer service dept thats hands down the best. Im running a lot of extra equipment in my JK and I don't worry anymore about draining the battery because I know all I have to do is hit the boost button and I'm on my way. Very easy to install with all the videos out there and made to exact specifications of the old equipment so its an easy swap out. Couldn't be happier ( unless i had a coupon code for the G screen. lol.) But I'm sure to add that in the near future. Thanks again Genesis for a great product that is a must for all Jeep owners.


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