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GEN2 Engine On Sensor Cable

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Engine On Sensor Cable

This is an optional feature for our Gen 2 dual battery systems. The fuse tap fits into a "Micro Fuse" slot in the fuse box, while the ring terminal shares
screw with the purple wire on the back of the boost button.
Highly recommended for the Jeep JL & Gladiator due to its smart alternator. Not needed for the earlier Jeep JK or most Toyota vehicles.
  • Changes the threshold for connecting/disconnecting the batteries
  • Ensures the Aux battery continues to charge even when a modern 'smart alternator' senses the batteries are full and turns down its output
  • Connects batteries together 30 seconds after engine starts, leaves them connected unless voltage drops below 11.6v with engine on, or under 13.1v for 5 minutes with engine off.

To use, connect the ring terminal to the same screw as the purple wire on the back of the boost button, route cable to the factory fuse box, find and remove fuse F52, insert factory fuse into
 fuse tap, insert fuse tap into factory fuse box. 

The Jeep JK and most Toyota vehicles do not have a smart alternator that drops the voltage down below 12.7v while the engine is running, therefore it is not needed on those vehicles.

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