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It was the Spring of 2008 when Shane and his wife, Amy, got their first Jeep. One ride and Shane was hooked. An IT professional, avid auto tinkerer, and entrepreneur at heart, Shane had found a hobby that would soon consume his thoughts and most of his weekends. By 2010, a downturn in the economy coupled with a job loss would spur Shane to pursue a side business in the Jeep industry. Shane soon started a business of his own, named Genesis Offroad (Genesis meaning “the beginning of something”), focused on building high end, high quality Jeeps using the best and most innovative products on the market. During one of those builds, the need arose for a dual battery solution to power an extensive electrical demand on the vehicle. After much research, Shane did not find a complete system with the features that were needed, and recognized a gap in the market for a quality dual battery kit. He decided to build a custom dual battery solution for that project. It turned out so nice that he decided to take it to market. He was sure that fellow Jeepers would see the value in a complete system, with everything needed, using the best quality wiring components available. The vision was set.

Over the next few years, Shane and Amy would work toward manufacturing and supplying the most complete and easiest to install dual battery kit on the market, add more innovative products to the product line, and Genesis would grow to become their full-time business. Amy’s background as an Industrial Engineer would prove valuable in setting up and maintaining the supply chain, as well as forecasting demand. Her knowledge allows the company to maintain a lean inventory while keeping sufficient stock to meet customer orders with some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Shane’s IT knowledge would allow him to build the company’s website and an impressive social media footprint. His knack for advertising and marketing, as well as customer relations, has been invaluable in creating and maintaining an excellent reputation in the Jeep aftermarket industry, leading to media recognition in television and in print. Shane never stops looking for ways to improve on existing products or expand into other markets. Looking to the future, Genesis Offroad will continue to bring the high quality dual battery kits they are known for to other applications.

Undoubtedly, much of the company’s success is due to an inviting and supportive community of fellow Jeepers and fellow aftermarket offroad product manufacturers. Without their friendship and support, Genesis would not be where it is today. Ultimately, Shane and Amy attribute the vision and success of the company they run together to their faith in God. They feel blessed beyond measure to be able to do what they love every day, be a part of the awesome offroad community, and to provide quality parts to their customers that are proudly made in the USA! 

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