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2018+ Jeep JL / JT Stock Battery Relocation Kit

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Your Price: $299.00
Batteries: Sold separately. Combination of 94R and stock ESS battery required.
Part Number: 233-2SB
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Jeep battery relocation kit

Stock Battery Relocation Kit

for 2018+ Wrangler & Gladiator with Gas Engine

This kit relocates the stock small aux battery from under the fuse box to above the fuse box, allowing for easier access for servicing the battery in the future.

All wiring remains 100% stock, with no changes to the ESS (Engine Stop Start) system.

The kit will replace the stock plastic battery tray with our new heavy duty steel battery tray. This is the same battery tray that comes with our full dual battery system for the JL & JT. The new tray allows the stock fuse box to be mounted lower in the engine bay, which creates the extra space needed to mount the small stock battery above the fuse box.

This kit is perfect for Jeep owners who like the ESS system and do NOT want to disable it, but want an easier way to maintain or replace the small stock battery in the future. No more removing the factory fuse box or pulling out the inner fender liner to access your small battery!

This kit is easily upgradable to our full Gen 3 dual battery system by using two Group 25 size batteries and replacing the top bracket with the Power Hub, see here for details.

Jeep battery relocation kit exploded diagram
Kit Contents
  • Steel battery tray to replace stock plastic tray
  • Bracket to mount the stock Aux 14 size battery with hold down brace
  • Top lid to securely hold the stock Group 94R size battery
  • All installation hardware

Battery Requirements
  • Stock AUX 14 size battery
  • Stock Group 94R size battery
* NOTE Jeep used 2 different sizes for the large battery. Depending on your vehicle's options, your stock battery may be a Group 48 or a Group 94R. This kit is designed to hold the Group 94R size only. If you are replacing your original stock Group 48 battery, you'll need to get the 94R. They are normally the same price but the 94R has more capacity and more cold cranking amps so there is no benefit of using the smaller Group 48 size.

You can use any battery brand. We offer the Aux 14 size from Odyssey, and the Group 94R from both Odyssey and Full Throttle. These are the highest quality AGM batteries on the market. Add one or both of these from the options above.

Batteries ordered from us will ship separately from a warehouse located in Southern California.

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